Madeline Rueger

After graduating from Indiana University, Madeline moved back to Evansville and began working. Madeline was looking for a hobby and had always been very passionate about dogs. She began fostering for ITV in February 2018. Madeline quickly fell in love with the rescue world and became active supporting ITV events and fundraisers. The first dog she adopted after graduating from college was an ITV foster named Cupid. Cupid had been shot with a hunting arrow and left in the woods. Despite how mistreated she was, she still loved people. After Madeline fostered and then adopted Cupid, she knew that she wanted to help as many dogs as she could. Madeline is currently employed at White Stallion Energy and she spends as many weekends as possible helping out at the rescue. If you stop by ITV and see any of the animals dressed up in a costume or cute sweater as they await their adoption day, you can almost guarantee Madeline is responsible!