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Apollo- our special fur-baby


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Apollo (formerly Baxter) has been home for about 9 months now!
We started out a little rough, learning the new rules and how not to chew on furniture. But we loved him anyways because he was our little funny puppy!
We took a few weeks to try and train Apollo, but we were struggling, so we enlisted the help of the Evansville Obedience Club and learned a lot on how to train him and get him to listen to us.
Now, after just celebrating his first birthday, we have gotten into a routine. We play a little in the morning before work, sleep on top of the couch all day ( you would think he was a cat), play with dad when he gets home from work, and gobble all his food down at every meal.

A note from Apollo (he loves talking and telling his story)
On the first night mom and dad brought me home, it was such a fun night. I would take a little nap here and there and then wake mom and dad up to play. Dad spent most of the night on the floor with me, but he kept falling asleep! He was so silly!
After a few nights, mom and dad learned that if they put me in my kennel really tired and covered me with my blanket, I would fall right asleep!
Then mom and dad took me to Indianapolis to meet my grad-dogs, Lucy and I are still learning about each other’s space, I just want to play with her all the time! She is a beagle like me!
Domino is funny, he sleeps a lot and doesn’t mind sharing toys, but sometimes he steals my toys and lays on them so I can’t get them. I keep asking for them back, but he can’t hear well.
I have a new cousin, Remi is going to be a biiiiiiigggggg dog. Mommy says he is a rottweiler and will be able to sit on me soon, but I love playing tug of war with him.
Last month mom and dad really confused me, they took me to this new building with a big yard. They keep telling me that it is all mine! I love chasing the bunnies and the birdies in the yard, I haven’t caught any yet, but I am working on it!
Well, now I am sleepy, time for my morning nap!

With all the slobbers,
Apollo Moore

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