Happy Tails

Corey has a lot of fun on the farm!


by itvrescue


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Corey has settled in nicely since we adopted him. My husbands mother lives across the road from us, and Corey goes to Granny’s to help her feed all the stray kitties that get dropped off in the country. Corey has a couple of kitties that are his buds.

Corey loves playing fetch, riding in the farm truck, riding in or running alongside of our JD Gator, and can do a few tricks too. Corey loves being outside to run and play, or just lay on Granny’s porch or our front porch. He barks to let us know when someone new is at our place or Granny’s.

He has such a sweet personality for a dog, he turned out to be the size of a collie but the look of a beagle. We were expecting the beagle size, but we just got another new dog house that fits his size and he’s quite happy. All we have to say at night is that it’s time for bed and he goes to his kennel for the night. He’s our sweet boy.

The picture is of Corey laying on our living room floor after being outside playing all morning. He’ll come in and nap for a little while then want back out to play until dark.

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