Happy Tails

Evie the pit mix is a happy girl


by itvrescue


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We met Evie at ITV rescue when we were looking to adopt a new dog after the loss of our (very) old boxer. Evie is a beautiful Pitt mix with four white paws, a white chest, and long eyelashes. Unfortunately she had a shy temperament and a fear-aggression response that led her to be returned a few times to the rescue. But we saw how much all the staff loved Evie, and how affectionate and docile she was with them. We knew we could make her happy and comfortable. We took Evie home and she adjusted very well over the next two weeks. She had her own kennel and bed to feel safe in. Today she is the cuddly and loving dog for us that we saw on that first day at ITV. We love that her personality has come out. She loves her kennel, her bones, and her people. She does not bite or have accidents. She thinks she is a lap dog. Thank you ITV for giving Evie so much love and treating her so well that we were able to see how irresistible she truly is!!

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