Happy Tails

Abby, Sakura, Buddy man, An 2-Pac we love u all love mommy an daddy an Dylan


by itvrescue


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Abby is a brindle pit age 14yrs old. She’s a very loveable pit. Then there’s Sakura we rescued her when she was barely winged! She’s a red nose an she’s very protective an she will bite but as much as we work with her she just isn’t comprehending that she’s not allowed to bite but if she doesn’t know you then I believe it’s her instinct to protect her family! Oh an buddy man is our chihuahua he’s a good dog loves biting people’s feet or ankle biter as people stereotype them. But I no hes just in his protective mode as well. An last but not least there’s 2pac we adopted him from the vanderburgh Humane Society he was an abused dog by his former owners! It saddens an disgust me how people could mistreat any animal at all period! If they don’t like animals I suggest they don’t get any or go to jail for whet they’ve done. God give animals life just like he give all of us life we need to remember they’ve got feelings just like us humans. Love an care for em were the only hope they’ve got

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