Happy Tails

The Jaz Festival


by itvrescue


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I met Jazmine when I was volunteering at Evansville Animal Control, and was immediately drawn to her because of how timid yet affectionate she was. She’s the first dog I’ve ever met that gives hugs lol. My husband and I started fostering her, and she was terrified of him at first (as she is towards most things, and especially men). But once she warmed up to him they fell in love, and are completely best buds. Jazmine and our elderly dog Sasha have even taken pretty well to each other, and Sasha actually doesn’t limp around as much anymore because of how active she is now with Jazmine around. She gave Sash a little pep in her step. Our lives are all better because of each other, and I’m so glad we decided to adopt her!

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