Happy Tails

Milo is my spirit animal.


by itvrescue


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First I want to thank ITV for all you do. I have been hesitant with dogs since an incident when I was younger. Our son is allergic to most dogs but through trial and error of being around different breads we found that pitties where safe for him. Before we could get a dog we had to go through a deployment with my husband. When he came back he had made a connection with a volunteer at ITV. Milo was found a week or two after Jeff came home. One of the coolest things is we missed our 10 year anniversary but when we got Milo they says his birthday is probably May 31, which was our 10 year anniversary. Our present was just waiting on us to find him!!! He has taught me how to read dogs. He has taught me to be in the moment. He is our fierce protector of our littles. He is my daughters handsome boyfriend. It’s hard to put it all on here bc he is so amazing to us. Is he the perfect behaved dog…. not so much but he lives his family. Thanks for choosing us for him.

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